Shloka’s month 4

Nov 11 : grabbing toy and puts in her mouth
Nov 12: squeal n smile
Nov 21 looks at patterns on my dress
Nov 23 tries to crawl forward when on tummy
Nov 24 holds my face n plays with hands
Nov 25 holds her dress my dress n looks at patterns also holds the blankie under her
Nov 27 holds her legs, pulls her pant
Dec 1 lifts her head while sitting w/o support
Dec 2 Stops drinking milk n stares at me n gives a biiiiiiig smile 🙂
Dec 5 holds whatever is holdable n within her reach
Dec 9 pulls out her socks with hands
Dec 11 holds both hands and lifts to forehead

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2 Responses to Shloka’s month 4

  1. Shreeti says:

    Very nicely written!!! Something to remember forever !

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