Shloka’s Month 6

We started carrying her in the carrier we received as a gift from Harini and Kranthi.

She used to stare at me when I eat something. Now she enacts as if she is eating something….. She is sooo funny!

Sunil was reading his to do list and Shloka started moving her hand like thaalam for each item. Sunil was playing guitar and Shloka started tapping her feet to the tune …..

She started showing me that she is missing me when I’m off to school. She kisses on my face and hugs by putting her arms around my neck. It feels Soooo good when she does that!

She flips over very easily.

Feb 1 kisses with her mouth open, holds my face…..soooooooo sweet.

Sunil was trying to put her to sleep, and was singing to her. After a while he got tired n stopped, Shloka started singing….very funny.

Feb 10 puts her fingers in mouth and tries to blow air and makes sounds.

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