Shloka’s Month 7

Dr. Suggested to start home cooked solids for her.
Tried a tsp of rice and mashed carrot with milk she ate it but cried during night…we thought it was hard for her to digest.

Feb 14 makes kissing sound when I kiss her. (Valentine’s day gift!!)

Feb 16 Woooow she is kissing me as I do to her….it’s soooooooooooooooooo amazing…… she did it twice today.

Feb 21 started giving her Raagi java 1tsp.
Feb 24: Says atha……..and tries to make sounds blowing air…
Feb 28 when I feed her ragi in the morning, she cries after her vessel got empty…signaling she wants more….

we were trying to feed her formula mixed with cereal, she did not like the taste and started to hold her lips tight not allowing us to feed. Becoming smart…hmmm

Shloka was playing quietly while we were eating lunch. Suddenly I called her “Shloka” she said hmmmmm …… Wooow that was amazing!!

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