Shloka’s Month 10

May 18 I have been feeding her monacco biscuit since 3 days and she likes it a lot. Today very reluctantly (i was worried that she might bite big pieces and choke) we gave her a piece of it to see if she eats by herself. She was biting small pieces from it very cutely and makes it soft on her tongue and then eats it. 
May 21: while chatting with my bro n mom, Shloka was excited to see all of them and started crawling on all fours!
May 23:
These days we have a hard time keeping her away from the charging station, where we have all wires hanging. Whenever her eye catches those wires, her hands also want to catch them 🙂
May 27: she started standing up by herself with the support  of furniture or whatever she finds. She is now able to crawl to any place she finds something interesting. Also standing up longer times. She sits in vajrasan posture, kneels down too.
These days she waves her hand when we say bye. She started off saying some two syllable words long back. Then started saying some sentences in her own language. It feels so different and new when I see her standing up! She is growing very fast!
These days we are very much worried with her food intake. She says no to rice and cereal! I think we should try new varieties! 
June 4:
Shloka is now able to walk with support of sofa, and is easily crawling between rooms. Now she has her 3rd episode of cold n fever. Gives us a hifi, waves when I say hi or bye and ask her to wave.tries to repeat words that I ask her to repeat. I was pleasantly surprised when she said odha when I asked her vadha, a out 2 weeks ago!!
Shloka sings Jo achuthananda very cute
She is trying to walk….but she did that 3-4 times when ammamma and Sunil were watching….hmmm I missed it!!
We showed Shloka a picture of Lord Krishna blinking eyes. Whenever we ask her how did Krishna blink eyes? She lifts her nose up and makes her eyes small. Sooooo very cute.
She repeats aa Aaa,  e ee, uh ooh, eh eeh, good going Shloka.
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