Shloka’s Month 12

JUL 22: I was browsing for some Krishna pictures. She saw that and started singing jo jo…I took  a few seconds to realise what she did. Here is my analysis….she likes the song jo achuthananda…and she has watched the song for about 4-5 times on YouTube. The song has a slideshow of lord Krishna’s pictures.  She identifies lord Krishna and sang that song as soon as she saw looted Krishna ‘s picture in blue color. This is amazing.

We went to a park last week one day and sat in the grass. We made shloka also to sit in the grass. She lifted her leg away from the grass. When I made her stand in the grass she was lifting up one leg and balancing on one.     

Later after 2 weeks or so…Sunil took her to check the mail and tried to land her in the grass….she again lifted her legs away from the ground….she is funny!!
    Jul 27: today is Vara lakshmi   vratam and we celebrated   Shloka’s b’day too. She tries to step one or two  then claps   with joy before falli
Jul 28: Sunil was asking Shloka her standard set of 3questions. How does nanna cry – she says ooh ooh ooh. How does krishna blink his eyes? – she lifts her nose and makes her eyes small. Then she started shouting like the mixie (food processor) which was the answer to the third question before asking. We were lol…..

Jul 27: Shloka started saying Amma….The most satisfying word….it feels awesome to hear her saying that.

Jul 30: I joined StateFarm and Shloka’s gift for me was….she started walking…..!!!! After I came home,… I saw her make 7 steps…

Jul 31st: She made a progress and the max today was 15 steps
She holds  remote of TV and  acts as if it is a phone and says” Hi”…..
She is excited to see things (in her hand) moving with her while she is walking……very sweet… 🙂
Aug 9: she took a leap today and walked 96 steps! Awesome Shloka keep it Up… !!

Aug 10: Two more days for her birthday….today she started dancing while standing…..awesome Shloka 🙂

It feels sooo amazing its already an year I started making this notes…!!

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One Response to Shloka’s Month 12

  1. It’s not notes.. its memories… ever green memories… makes you refreshing whenever you visit this blog once your angel grows up… and she would feel amazing the moment she reads and understand this…. keep going.. never stop. .until she understands and takes over from you…:-)

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