Shloka’s Month 8

When I hold her in her standing position, she was jumping with both her legs up… Hyperactive these days!!

Rolls over both the sides easily.(previously she rolled over on her left hand only)

Rolls over on the bed without any effort.

These days I feel as If I have 4 hands, 2 out of control!

Shloka started tapping her feet and jumping with joy to music .
Mar 30
She repeats what I say sometimes. Today I called my bro and I said bye when I was done talking …. Shloka repeated ba… 🙂 chooooo chweet. Says tha tha tha da da da PA PA PA ….type of sounds.

She moves backwards while lying down on her tummy.

When she sees a new thing, she flips the item and looks on the other side of it….

Jumps with joy when I start a video chat with my Mom n dad.
While lying down on bed she likes to get her face into the gap between the two pillows.. Shloka is so funny.

Apr 2 I was giving water to Shloka and after a while she was not opening her lips and nodded her face across telling me that it’s enough 🙂
Apr 4: I clapped at Shloka and she clapped too ….tiny hands, tiny clap!
While bathing, Shloka does not sit straight, she tries to reach out for the things around her bath tub. Now she sits in the tub without support.
She started eating banana today.

Previously she used to put everything we handed her, these days she tries to reach out for things around her and does not put all in her mouth. May be she started exploring things with her hands. Hmmm…

Her short term memory is improving….she tends to remember things. I was feeding her and she saw the fan was moving. She pauses during her meal and watches the fan. She repeated this for about 5 times! Shloka is very cute.

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