Shloka’s Month 9

Apr 19: I had my dinner plate ready with idlies, Shloka was very interested in my plate, so I fed her a small piece of idli, i felt something hard in her mouth…..
we noticed her first teeth sprout today šŸ™‚ we were Sooooo excited!!! Yay!! It’s the bottom one on her right!

Within a week, she got all her front four teeth out…..! It is sooo exciting , looks like she is gonna have a gap in between the top two front teeth like me. Let’s see….

May 4 Shloka crawls forward and mostly backward. She claps her hands when we tell her to do so. She raises her both hands when we say JAI. For everything she nods her face a cross….looks funny!
As she got her four teeth out, she tries to touch her bottom and top teeth and her lips look very cute when she does that!!! Shloka is awesome šŸ™‚

We are feeding her formula throughout the day and nursing throughout the night. We started feeding her solids thrice a day after her 6 month doctor visit. Mornings we give her Raagi java. Rice with pesara pappu with some mashed vegetable for lunch and rice cereal for dinner.

As she was teething, her solid intake went down…. Now it started picking up again. She had 2 episodes of cold each lasting for a week, and her solid intake went down during those times too!
May 5: She is now standing up with support (when we make her stand) this is really awesome news and we are very very excited!!

Shloka now cries if we take away things (she would like to explore) from her…. She is sweet whatever she does!!

She started sitting without support, when we make her sit. She is not yet coming into sittin position by herself yet!

May 12: we took Shloka to Sears portrait to get some family snaps, she was just staring at the photographer without any expression on her face. After the photographer struggled to make her smile, we got some good snaps. While we were leaving the place the lady at checkout waved her hand at Shloka and this was the first time Shloka waved back at her…. It was a cute surprise to us.

During her 9th month visit, the Dr had a checklist of things that a baby of that age has to do. Shloka was doing all but one thing by that time….the Dr asked I she is trying to take the help of furniture and getting up by herself? Which she was not doing. The Dr gave us an address of a place where they test the baby. We were a little worried but to our surprise Shloka took help of the walker and stood up the same evening! She is awesome indeed….

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