Shloka’s Month 13

Aug 14: When my mom was singing twinkle twinkle….what you are… then pauses, and Shloka says uppa baba…..sooooo sweet little Shloka !!!!

Aug 15: She wants to poke may eyes and says ‘no ‘ nodding her head across….she knows when I would say no ……She pulls the blinds at the glass door and says “no”….she bites my finger and says no …..

When I ask Shloka to say her name, she says “Sha Sha” I was very happy to listen her trying to say her name.

She is a pro walker now!! She falls down sometimes though….she completely stopped crawling.

Sunil got a lot of books from the Normal library sale! He usually gets a lot of books for himself to read…..this time he got a box full of books for Shloka…..and just a couple for himself…. I was pleasantly surprised at this drastic change!

She started screaming…and her naughtiness has increased. She started throwing her books.

Eating has improved and she wants to try all new foods….whatever we eat she wants a share….its soooooo amazing to share food with her!! I feel like I have company to eat what I like!! (Sunil wants all food to be healthy!)

She repeats telugu alphabet after Sunil- A aa, e ee, uh ooh, a aa ai, oh ooh ow, then amma(for am) hahaha(for aha)…. soo funny! Whenever we ask her to say pinni…. she says “puvva” or “papa” and smiles…she knows she is not saying it right!

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