Shloka’s Month 14

I thought after an year, there will be no much difference…. but I am wrong, Shloka is doing all new things!

 Shloka is now more interactive,  when I gave her  Sunil’s papers and asked her to give them to your dad, she dropped her book in the other hand and walked towards Sunil and gave them to him. Good job Shloka! You know the importance of taking responsibility.

 When we ask her to get her books she walks into the bedroom and finds one. Her favorite book is the hats off baby book! She wants to listen us read it and show the pictures in the book with flaps opening & closing.

 Now she knows some of her body parts & where they are located. She quickly shows all these parts eyes, ears, hair, head, note, teeth (eee), Stomach, Legs. For eyes we showed her to blink to point to her eyes, initially when we showed her to point eyes with finger, She was trying to poke her eye….

 She now walks fast (brisk walk). She calls her great-grandmother by her name.” Jaya”  for Vijaya.

When  ammamma asked her where is Mom and where is dad? she says aapeel (for office)

Sept 30:
She needs a video playing while she eats her food! She identifies the song before it starts …. I was pleasantly surprised when she made some actions before a song even started….
She picks up the rings from the tower of hanoi (toy) and starts counting, vaaa, toooo, theee,…. Also when ammamma counts her fingers and says okati, rendu, moodu…. Shloka goes ahead of the sequence and says naa(for four)….or aai(for five)…good going Shloka

She saw me turning the knob on dishwasher and whenever the door of dishwasher is open, she closes it and tries to turn the knob. She is a daddys girl these days……
She runs,  lifts her legs while walking, and shakes her hips sideways when she hears any music.
Shloka kisses ammamma…she pulls our cheeks, scratches on our faces in the bed before sleeping.
She is no longer happy withh one video playing while eating she needs some extra playing……

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