Shloka’s Month 16

She counts 1, 3, 5, 6… previously she used to count 1, 5, 6 … its soooo sweet the way she pronounces them. Vaa, thee, fa, shic…. She now kisses me, rubs her cheeks against mine and shows that she loves me…one morning she came to me from her dad and lied down over me hugging me…it was sooo cute n sweet. Thank you sweetie!

She points to my eye says kaii (kannu) and then screams baaaa (putting the same hand on her mouth)….I think I discovered what she is trying to tell…Ammamma while feeding Shloka, she shows some book and makes up stories. One of the books has a page with a screaming calf with big beautiful eyes. Ammamma shows her the picture and says look at its eyes…and then asks Shloka how is it screaming…baaaaa. So Shloka says kannu,….then baaa…. 🙂

Shloka cutely shakes her bottom and walks…she knows how to do it, when we ask her to do it.

She started eating sev and boondi ammamma made at home.

Dec 5th: She started trying to talk two words together

Taps her feet very quickly, makes me wonder if she will become a tap dancer. Shakes her hips singing “Nana nana nana nana”

Calls me “amma”, without us telling her to do so! Says “dhaa” (come , a word I usually use before I pick her up), stretching her arms out asking me to carry her.

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