Shloka’s Month 17

Date 12/12/12: I was telling Shloka that Sunil’s grandmother (avva) will be leaving in 4 more days so that she will be prepared. I was not even sure if she would understand what I was talking to her. Suddenly she started waving at her and was saying “bye” all excited and jumping with joy. I did not knew what to say!

Since she started going to the home day care, Shloka started talking more words than ever! It feels like she is able to say anything, atleast she tries!! It is soo exciting. As I  hardly spend time with her, she sticks to her dad…. Full time job and a master’s!!! Now that I’m done with my Masters, I’ll start impressing and spend time with Shloka. 🙂

After I go home from work Shloka asks for my bunch of keys to play and puts the tag around her neck and says byee….such a cutie pie!

Shloka says mukka for mukku, manka for monkey, pinna for pinni,… When I ask “Shloka, what are you doing?” She says aaka for adukuntunna(playing)

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