Shloka’s Month 18

If she wants me to carry her she raises her arms and says eko(ethuko – pick me up) and agu(wait) – that I would respond to her when I am in the kitchen.

Now she clearly says “ethuko”. Shloka has become much more interactive now. She tells rhymes – Johny Johny, uyyala jampala, sings rama rama rama (Sivamani movie) – 3lines

She now tells months of the year, days of the week, counts 1-10 in 2 languages (Telugu & English)

She asks for milk (paaaaloooo) whenever she feels like drinking..

She identifies animals n picture – Lion, tiger, zebra, frogs, etc.

She had a bad cough this month and suffered for 2 weeks. (ear, throat and lung infection)

Whenever she sees a face she says kallu, mukku, noru (eyes, nose, mouth)

She says no (very firmly) when we ask her to do something or eat something.

She screams and cries when we pick her up for a diaper change – we downloaded some baby apps on phone to distract her while changing diapers! It sounds so weird but inevitable for us. 🙂

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