Shloka’s Month 19

She started singing – Mama mama mamidipandu and says allam bellam 🙂 Soooooo cute! Her energy levels sprouted suddenly this month, she is very active now. When she knows that we are trying to reach her (for a diaper change, oil her hair, comb her hair, check her diaper, feed her) she starts running away from us. She understands when I tell her something. She gets a fresh diaper from the shelf when I ask her to do so. She throws the stuff she finds on the ground in the trash. She starts counting when I ask her – how many of them are there? She asks me to pick her up, when I say I will pick you up after doing the dishes, and say OK, then she replies “OK” and waits for me. She just asked me to open the zip of her building blocks bag, I opened it and told her to go near the sofa and play, to my surprise she stopped emptying the bag near me, picked the bag up, then thought dragging is smarter, then she dragged the bag near the sofa and turns around and saw me for confirmation, then I said yes, you can play there, then she emptied the bag near the sofa. Wow Shloka you are awesome 🙂 !!
She now counts from 1-10 in English and Telugu. She tell the days of the week(sun -sat) in telugu and english. Tells sa-ri-ga-ma-pa-da-ni-sa. When we try to make her sleep. She says lama lama – asking me to sing rama rama song. Then before even I start singing, she says simham asking me to tell the panchatantra story of a Lion. Whenever she wants to listen to a story, she says Simham(Lion) and asks us to tell the Lion story. By the time we say “Once upon a time…” she says rabbit, and then tortoise, then Sunil adds these characters in his story and tells her. If we did not start the story as soon as she says Simham, then she screams “Simhaaaam”. We are tired of the Simham story! She wakes up in the middle of her sleep and says Simham and expects us to start narrating the story immediately. Whenever she doesn’t like something she says “NO”.

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