Shloka’s month 24

Shloka has mood swings now. She says she wants something and quickly says no I don’t want.
She asks us to do something and when we follow what she tells us to do, she says ah yes good job (she learnt from her caregiver). She repeatedly calls us and asks mom is this blue color, is this orange, is this a circle, etc.
Whenever we sleep on the bed, she starts jumping on the bed singing ringa roses and falling after jumping. Yesterday I wore a dress with small dots of glitter which were a little sharp. She said your dress is poking. (Amma nee dress ki mullulu unnai ) hahaha I started laughing out loud! She said the same thing when she saw Sunil’s beard growing!
I touched a hot cooker by mistake and Shloka saw that and asked me “Amma neeku kurupochinda? ” then I said kadamma naku vedi thagilindi. She kissed my hand and said thaggipothundi. It was one of my most happiest moments!
Shloka’s words are so sweet these days I feel like quitting my job and listen to her talk. While I was making a note of this she said the letter Q looks like an oval shape. Now she says amma neeku katha cheptha vinu…Anaganaga oka roju oka simham untadi apudu simham emi chesthadi ? Carpet meeda bajjukuntadi. Shloka is a little sick and is not eating properly. I heated some milk on stove and was waiting it to heat. Shloka suddenly said “Amma nenu palu thaguthanu, nenu asale mammam sariga thinaledu”. I was pleaseantly surprised by her sentence.
When we eat some upma, she likes to eat the onion pieces and green peas.
Sunil and I have started working on bringing up Shloka with discipline. We tell her loudly if she does something wrong, she only listens sometimes though. She was not ready to sleep and wants to play something on my phone and was crying. I said Shloka I’ll give you a timeout. Then she sweetly said sorry amma and suddenly became calm and ready to sleep. I was amazed!

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