Shloka’s month 22

I scolded Shloka and asked her to sleep in the crib. She knows that I am angry and called her dad to pick her up. Soft hearted Sunil got out of the bed to pick her up. She quickly lied down in the crib and said you go sleep. I don’t want to come. As soon as Sunil turned around she again stood up and started calling nanna nanna….. we acted as if we were sleeping and after a while I woke up and saw Shloka was sleeping in the crib!
It’s saturday morning and we were still sleeping, suddenly Shloka woke up screaming paapa….then Sunil springed out of the bed to get her doll with his eyes hardly open and then she wanted her doll’s feeding bottle…he could not find it and then I went to get it…Shloka did not stop crying and even I couldn’t find it. We all woke up! 

Shloka seems to play while we have our shower but she is so observant once she listens to the shower stopping sound, she starts dancing “nanna snani appoindi” or “amma snani appoindi.”


Suddenly to my surprise Shloka started singing “happy birthday amma Surekha” me and Sunil looked at each other and lifted eyebrows.
One day Shloka sat in a corner near her toys and away from us with a doll in her hand started narrating a story to her doll – “anaganaga oka roju”.
Shloka suddenly wakes up in the morning and screams something….one a day she said uppalala (onion), happy birthday cake thintana, papa (her doll) and Sunil woke up with one of his eyes still closed to find it…she did not stop screaming until we found her doll!
She says “my” or ‘naadi’ when we take her toy…she meant to say mine.
June 9th : Once in a while she keeps saying “thish is …something”,  today  morning I decoded that holaaa she says “this is fun! “. She learns somethings at her daycare so we find it hard to understand!

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