Shloka’s month 23

She is talking sentences very cutely phrased!
She holds some particles she finds on the floor and holds on to them for a long time….she keeps rotating her ear rings and we lost one of her ear diamond studs. Her caretaker Sunila noticed and called me on my phone. She said she searched in her house and didn’t find it. Sunil after he  came home took the camera and scrolled through some pictures he took of Shloka in the morning. He then realised the stud was lost at home  and after searching every possible place he asked Shloka where her stud was. Shloka went to her play kitchen and took the stud out of the oven. Uff what a relief! And then I was a little worried that we were not able to find the screw of the stud.
Next day Sunil vaccumed the whole house and I checked the trash for the screw and Voila…..we found the screw too….her lucky charm!

Shloka holds her doll and says “idi na a thalli”
Last night I asked Shloka what is your name? She said “Shoka chabolu” then I corrected her… she instantly said “Shloka chabolu” for the first time…. .wow I am sooo happy to hear that ..she tells all the rhymes, planets, months of the year, days of the week….but I now realised she can even tell her name correctly.
Shloka loves to spend time with mom, but mom is always in the kitchen…..or tired after all the work.
Hmm I sometimes feel bad that I don’t spend enough with her….. 😦 ….during weekends she clings to me and wants me to do everything for her.
My granny is in the hospital and not well…Shloka while a daycare said thathamma and Sunila was asking me if she spoke to thathamma on phone. Shloka is amazing that she remembers people.

She is very active these days. She was a calm going kind of a girl who is very careful until last month. And now she jumps randomly, climbs on every climbable thing, runs very fast….. holds the hand of Akshay who is 2months older than Shloka at the day care and runs around their home all day.
One day I said we should continue feeding eggs to Shloka. Then she heard that and said “eggs thintanaa”. Then I said ” eggs levamma nanna ni konamani chepdam ” then she went to Sunil and said “nanna eggs konu”. We are amazed by the way she is making sentences! She was playing with a wafers box and said “amma idi ila pettanu, amma idi ila thosanu “. We saw a sudden change in her vocabulary. I ask Shloka to get a diaper and she gets it. These days when I ask her to get one, she says
Amma akkada fox undi. She was watching the 3 pigs and a wolf story and the wolf was chasing the pigs…..and this is when her fear started. One day she was not sleeping and jumping around then I said if you go down the bed there is a cat…..this w as her first fear.
Shloka blabbers sometimes. I understand most of the words but sometimes I feel she is talking some other language. Looks like her terrible two’s are around the corner. Mood changes, no’s, climbing and cryings. We moved into our new house and she is not eating as usual since we started our packing. It takes much longer to feed her half the quantity. Her vocabulary is exponentially increasing. She now tells any story you want. She says amma rabbit katha chepthanu, then she keeps repeating “amma rabbit kathe chepthanu” after I respond, she starts narrating. “Anaganaga oka rabbit untadi aa rabbit emi chesthadi ?” Today she said “ipudu amma katha chepthanu – anaganaga oka amma untadi apudu amma emi chesindi ? Tortoise tho adukundi”. A rabbit came to our backyard yesterday and Shloka said “nenu rabbit buggalu ila antanu” and she is scared to walk into the grass and later today she said “rabbit naa buggalu ila antadi ” and she rubbed her own cheeks with her hand.
It is so cute when she talks all these…but I am now scared of her terrible two’s!

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