Shloka’s Month 19

She started singing – Mama mama mamidipandu and says allam bellam 🙂 Soooooo cute! Her energy levels sprouted suddenly this month, she is very active now. When she knows that we are trying to reach her (for a diaper change, oil her hair, comb her hair, check her diaper, feed her) she starts running away from us. She understands when I tell her something. She gets a fresh diaper from the shelf when I ask her to do so. She throws the stuff she finds on the ground in the trash. She starts counting when I ask her – how many of them are there? She asks me to pick her up, when I say I will pick you up after doing the dishes, and say OK, then she replies “OK” and waits for me. She just asked me to open the zip of her building blocks bag, I opened it and told her to go near the sofa and play, to my surprise she stopped emptying the bag near me, picked the bag up, then thought dragging is smarter, then she dragged the bag near the sofa and turns around and saw me for confirmation, then I said yes, you can play there, then she emptied the bag near the sofa. Wow Shloka you are awesome 🙂 !!
She now counts from 1-10 in English and Telugu. She tell the days of the week(sun -sat) in telugu and english. Tells sa-ri-ga-ma-pa-da-ni-sa. When we try to make her sleep. She says lama lama – asking me to sing rama rama song. Then before even I start singing, she says simham asking me to tell the panchatantra story of a Lion. Whenever she wants to listen to a story, she says Simham(Lion) and asks us to tell the Lion story. By the time we say “Once upon a time…” she says rabbit, and then tortoise, then Sunil adds these characters in his story and tells her. If we did not start the story as soon as she says Simham, then she screams “Simhaaaam”. We are tired of the Simham story! She wakes up in the middle of her sleep and says Simham and expects us to start narrating the story immediately. Whenever she doesn’t like something she says “NO”.

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Shloka’s Month 18

If she wants me to carry her she raises her arms and says eko(ethuko – pick me up) and agu(wait) – that I would respond to her when I am in the kitchen.

Now she clearly says “ethuko”. Shloka has become much more interactive now. She tells rhymes – Johny Johny, uyyala jampala, sings rama rama rama (Sivamani movie) – 3lines

She now tells months of the year, days of the week, counts 1-10 in 2 languages (Telugu & English)

She asks for milk (paaaaloooo) whenever she feels like drinking..

She identifies animals n picture – Lion, tiger, zebra, frogs, etc.

She had a bad cough this month and suffered for 2 weeks. (ear, throat and lung infection)

Whenever she sees a face she says kallu, mukku, noru (eyes, nose, mouth)

She says no (very firmly) when we ask her to do something or eat something.

She screams and cries when we pick her up for a diaper change – we downloaded some baby apps on phone to distract her while changing diapers! It sounds so weird but inevitable for us. 🙂

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Shloka’s Month 17

Date 12/12/12: I was telling Shloka that Sunil’s grandmother (avva) will be leaving in 4 more days so that she will be prepared. I was not even sure if she would understand what I was talking to her. Suddenly she started waving at her and was saying “bye” all excited and jumping with joy. I did not knew what to say!

Since she started going to the home day care, Shloka started talking more words than ever! It feels like she is able to say anything, atleast she tries!! It is soo exciting. As I  hardly spend time with her, she sticks to her dad…. Full time job and a master’s!!! Now that I’m done with my Masters, I’ll start impressing and spend time with Shloka. 🙂

After I go home from work Shloka asks for my bunch of keys to play and puts the tag around her neck and says byee….such a cutie pie!

Shloka says mukka for mukku, manka for monkey, pinna for pinni,… When I ask “Shloka, what are you doing?” She says aaka for adukuntunna(playing)

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Shloka’s Month 16

She counts 1, 3, 5, 6… previously she used to count 1, 5, 6 … its soooo sweet the way she pronounces them. Vaa, thee, fa, shic…. She now kisses me, rubs her cheeks against mine and shows that she loves me…one morning she came to me from her dad and lied down over me hugging me…it was sooo cute n sweet. Thank you sweetie!

She points to my eye says kaii (kannu) and then screams baaaa (putting the same hand on her mouth)….I think I discovered what she is trying to tell…Ammamma while feeding Shloka, she shows some book and makes up stories. One of the books has a page with a screaming calf with big beautiful eyes. Ammamma shows her the picture and says look at its eyes…and then asks Shloka how is it screaming…baaaaa. So Shloka says kannu,….then baaa…. 🙂

Shloka cutely shakes her bottom and walks…she knows how to do it, when we ask her to do it.

She started eating sev and boondi ammamma made at home.

Dec 5th: She started trying to talk two words together

Taps her feet very quickly, makes me wonder if she will become a tap dancer. Shakes her hips singing “Nana nana nana nana”

Calls me “amma”, without us telling her to do so! Says “dhaa” (come , a word I usually use before I pick her up), stretching her arms out asking me to carry her.

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Shloka’s Month 15

-Now she says office when we ask her where is mom or dad …..
-She started running in the house.
-She is becoming more interactive. When we ask her to put the books back in the shelf, or put your toys back in the toy bin…she does that!
-When I kiss her she touches her cheek to mine, showing her love.
-Ammamma was watching a movie called shruthilayalu, and the kid places something on his head and dances. Shloka saw that and she also dances holding one of her toys on her head.

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Shloka’s Month 14

I thought after an year, there will be no much difference…. but I am wrong, Shloka is doing all new things!

 Shloka is now more interactive,  when I gave her  Sunil’s papers and asked her to give them to your dad, she dropped her book in the other hand and walked towards Sunil and gave them to him. Good job Shloka! You know the importance of taking responsibility.

 When we ask her to get her books she walks into the bedroom and finds one. Her favorite book is the hats off baby book! She wants to listen us read it and show the pictures in the book with flaps opening & closing.

 Now she knows some of her body parts & where they are located. She quickly shows all these parts eyes, ears, hair, head, note, teeth (eee), Stomach, Legs. For eyes we showed her to blink to point to her eyes, initially when we showed her to point eyes with finger, She was trying to poke her eye….

 She now walks fast (brisk walk). She calls her great-grandmother by her name.” Jaya”  for Vijaya.

When  ammamma asked her where is Mom and where is dad? she says aapeel (for office)

Sept 30:
She needs a video playing while she eats her food! She identifies the song before it starts …. I was pleasantly surprised when she made some actions before a song even started….
She picks up the rings from the tower of hanoi (toy) and starts counting, vaaa, toooo, theee,…. Also when ammamma counts her fingers and says okati, rendu, moodu…. Shloka goes ahead of the sequence and says naa(for four)….or aai(for five)…good going Shloka

She saw me turning the knob on dishwasher and whenever the door of dishwasher is open, she closes it and tries to turn the knob. She is a daddys girl these days……
She runs,  lifts her legs while walking, and shakes her hips sideways when she hears any music.
Shloka kisses ammamma…she pulls our cheeks, scratches on our faces in the bed before sleeping.
She is no longer happy withh one video playing while eating she needs some extra playing……

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Shloka’s Month 13

Aug 14: When my mom was singing twinkle twinkle….what you are… then pauses, and Shloka says uppa baba…..sooooo sweet little Shloka !!!!

Aug 15: She wants to poke may eyes and says ‘no ‘ nodding her head across….she knows when I would say no ……She pulls the blinds at the glass door and says “no”….she bites my finger and says no …..

When I ask Shloka to say her name, she says “Sha Sha” I was very happy to listen her trying to say her name.

She is a pro walker now!! She falls down sometimes though….she completely stopped crawling.

Sunil got a lot of books from the Normal library sale! He usually gets a lot of books for himself to read…..this time he got a box full of books for Shloka…..and just a couple for himself…. I was pleasantly surprised at this drastic change!

She started screaming…and her naughtiness has increased. She started throwing her books.

Eating has improved and she wants to try all new foods….whatever we eat she wants a share….its soooooo amazing to share food with her!! I feel like I have company to eat what I like!! (Sunil wants all food to be healthy!)

She repeats telugu alphabet after Sunil- A aa, e ee, uh ooh, a aa ai, oh ooh ow, then amma(for am) hahaha(for aha)…. soo funny! Whenever we ask her to say pinni…. she says “puvva” or “papa” and smiles…she knows she is not saying it right!

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